Thursday, March 9, 2017

Indian Assembly Elections 2017: Exit Polls Results

Elections to the 5 states Assemblies including the crucial UP state concluded yesterday in many lengthy phases. As the political situations not only in the country but throughout the world are changing rapidly, elections are a matter of do or die. Democracy is being murdered by the political parties and the so called leaders. Elections now-a-days are proving that 'might is right'. People are losing hope in the system. Whether people are interested or not, the politicians and the so called leaders want to win any elections as power is their breath of life!

Tough not all, there are many people (mostly political activists and their sympathizers) who are waiting eagerly to know the outcome of the elections held in a prolonged manner. Though the actual and final results can be known on Saturday, 11th March, to quench their curiosity to some extend, they watch the exit poll predictions conducted by various agencies. But ironically most of the claims of the exit poll companies are proven to be wrong when the past exit poll results are analysed closely.

However lets have a look at the different Exit Poll (Opinion poll) results below:

As all the exit polls predicted the victory of BJP in all the four states viz except Punjab, it is not felt necessary to list in detail here.

(You may also add your guess/comment below:)

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